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The audience I have been imagining for my blog thus-far has been a mixture of my close friends & family, and girls in their 20’s. The reason for these choices is because currently, I know that my blog is very small and still really new, so I can’t expect my posts to be getting a large audience. Thus, my family and close friends who are nice enough to come read all my posts each week haha. Secondly, the target audience I am looking to have for my blog will be girls in their 20’s, because I feel like my content will be most applicable and interesting to this market.

I have been mostly posting only things that I find really interesting and keeping in mind the target audience I have mentioned, in small things they will be interested in as well. When I started my blog, these were the types of content that I found interesting, and that I look for in blogs occasionally. It’s weird sometimes to write things, and then have friends or family come up to you later and mention something they have seen on your blog before.

Overall, I’m not really basing my content off what others are looking for yet, mainly just trying to figure out who I am gonna be online, and how people can learn to like what I’m posting, and the types of things I am already interested in.

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