It’s a brand new year, never a better time to reflect and reinvent yourself for your future. I don’t mean to say reinvent like you’re trying to become someone new, but more evolve and transform into who you truly are.

Each year, month, and minute is a time to reinvent yourself. You never have to be the same person you were a month ago, and I hope you aren’t!

Reflecting on 2018 and what a monumental year it has been for me, makes the shoes to fill for 2019 even greater. But you best believe I am up for the challenge!

I have been trying to think long and hard about some genuine and true goals I have for myself for 2019 and this is what I have come up with so far,

Goals for 2019

find my most passionate/favourite thing to blog about and run with it

focus on people and hobbies that make me happy

move across the world

become profitable online – ex creating an ebook, landing paid clients

make a new genuine friend

start and finish a workout guide

advance my career through learning new skills (in whichever way)

laugh until my stomach hurts often

I honestly think these are some great wholesome goals for the upcoming year. I don’t know what I want to accomplish this year in terms of career wise yet, but there is no no no rush.

I’ll keep it short and sweet this time β™‘