Monthly Goals – June

Recently I have been feeling not that focused on things I would like to accomplish. Whenever I write down goals for myself to complete, I strive for those things until they are achieved. I guess you could say that it just gives me more purpose and direction! For these reasons, I’ve decided to start my first ever series! Beginning each month, I’m going to talk about my goals for the upcoming month; fitness, career, blog or education related that I would like to focus on short-term.


For the next couple months, I am going to be focusing on creating more visitors to my blog, which will include posting more regularly on my blog, as well as on my Instagram. I would like to try to commit to 3 times a week on Instagram and every 4-5 days on my blog. I know this is going to require a lot of invested time into working on my blog, but I think it is a priority for me in my life right now.

As for specific measurable numbers that I am looking to achieve, 400 followers on Instagram seems like a good goal! Since this post is a little late into the month, I will only have 3.5 weeks left to reach it but I am up for the challenge!

I started a small mailing list that I sent out emails weekly, but somehow fell off the wagon on that one. I would also like to re-design my email template and start sending out regular emails again. (Atleast one time per blog post)


In the past couple weeks I have let my fitness slip a little bit, for various reasons. But I am ready to get back into it! I signed myself up a couple months ago for some kickboxing classes, but never had the chance to go. So I am making it a goal for myself to try at least 2 of the classes this month! It will be something fast paced and extremely different than my average workout of lifting weights.

As for strength goals, I may switch up parts of my workouts to be more diverse. For an example have some heavy lifting days with 5×5. While mixing in HIIT to keep it interesting.

Continue to eat healthy as much as possible! This can be interpreted loosely on occasions because I love so many types of food.


As summer is arriving and it’s finally sinking in that I will not be having to go back to school anytime soon, I am having the itch to begin reading again. I want to create a summer reads list and read at least one book this month. I will see how that goes on top of my other goals and adjust accordingly next month. I will plan a trip to the library in the next week or so and get started.

I started some late-spring cleaning a week or so ago, and I feel very refreshed about it. I would love to clean out more of my room and throw away/donate things that I no longer need, in exchange for just more white space in my small bedroom lol.

I am always looking for fun things to do in the Lower Mainland during my free time, so for this month, I would love to try and make it out to Tsawwassen’s Big Splash Waterpark sometime! I’m sure the weather will be heating up again soon, and I know it would be a blast! My goal is to get out in the sun as much as I can because I am so pale and need a tan ASAP!


For my finances, I would like to focus on saving a chunk of my income to offset all the traveling costs I will be having for my trip to LA. I am very excited about the trip and want to make it the best time that I can without worrying about how much money I’m spending. Therefore, if I save now, then I can splurge later on shopping and delicious meals yummm!


Graduate ✔✔✔

Yay! It is a huge life goal of mine to finally graduate university after all these years!!!! I am very excited to see what the next chapter of my life will entail. I will try my best not to panic once I’m officially graduated, and give myself time to figure it out.

I am excited to be holding myself accountable to my goals by posting them publicly! I hope I am able to complete everything I have set up for myself this month! I will keep you guys updated!

If anyone has any summer read recommendations or how to switch up my workouts to keep them fun and high-energy leave me a comment! What are your June goals?