Monthly Goals – November

Wow long time no talk guys! So so much has changed in the last month or so and that is crazy to me. Just a blink of an eye and almost my whole routine has been switched up.

Soft hearted & strong minded.

Let’s start with a little recap of the last month. As I previously mentioned, I got a new serving job at Taphouse but I was awaiting it to open officially post-renovations. In the meantime, I was still working at Earls and actively looking for a job in my degree-field. Long story short, I got hired at a company called Nutrabolics which is a fitness supplement company. I thought that it sounded interesting and something that I could get behind since I am pretty active myself and like going to the gym.

That was about a month ago, in the middle of October when I landed my third job. Since I had just spent the last month and a half training at Taphouse I did not think it would be practical to quit there. Soooo here I am with three jobs and now working around 65 hours a week. That doesn’t leave much time for other activities but I am making it work. This month I will have to be realistic and creative with my goals in other areas.


I am proud to announce that you are hearing from the new Media Coordinator at Nutrabolics. I work there full-time and find that an office job is very different than what I have been used to in all my other jobs. I am used to being very social at work but now I am at a computer writing emails all day. 

Some goals for the rest of the month career-wise: keep busy at work and try to learn atleast one new thing each week. I will be focusing on what I can take away from this job when I move to Australia so let’s try and get the most out of it that I can. 

I had to put a hold on the freelancing client that I have previously mentioned because I do not have enough time in the week to fit in more work. It’s only been a month but maybe after getting the hang of it I will be able to pick that up again…For now, that is on pause.


I don’t know if the weather is getting worse or just because I am so busy but I have not made any time at all to be creative. I AM CRAVING TO BE CREATIVE. I miss editing photos and aligning which order I will be posting them in…etc

Heck, I even miss coming on and expressing myself here! It feels really nice to finally be able to sit down and have time for something that I am truly passionate about. Just a small update: I bought a tripod yay! Haven’t had a chance to use it. I went to whistler with Daniel and I regret not bringing it!

I don’t want to be unreasonable but I would like to make a goal to myself that atleast before the end of the month I make time for two photo shoots and try and finish one of the blog posts that I have started in my drafts. Is that too much to ask???


Surprise surprise I am saving up my finances for another trip!! I will be jetting off in approximately a month (Dec.19) for Costa Rica with my family! We will be away for the holidays. It will be my first Christmas in a tropical hot location so it’s preparing me for the following year in Australia haha!

So like I’ve already mentioned, I work around 65 hours a week which helps with the savingsss since I am not out spending money, I’m usually just making it! I am trying to pay off all my credit card debt and be fully ready for Costa Rica. I have other expenses coming up too but this is the main focus. 

I may want to purchase a new phone sooner rather than later because my pixel sucks! It shuts off when I try and take pics so that is not okay. I have yet to calculate all my expenses and budget for Costa Rica but I will create one in the upcoming weeks since we are leaving sooooon!!


For me, travel and finance kind of go hand-in-hand since I am always trying to plan another trip. My travel goals for the next month are non-existent but after that it will be Costa Rica then Australia weee!

So like I said, save save save! Save $3000 before I leave for Costa Rica.


Sadly enough I usually have a leisure category but I don’t really feel like I have much free time anymore that isn’t all planned. I guess I can make a goal for myself to have date nights every second Sunday since that’s pretty much the only time I get to spend with Daniel! 

On my time outside of work… I guess you can call it leisure time, I have been feeling passionate about meal-prepping so I will keep that as a goal to continuously bring my lunch to work 4/5 days of the week! There is my favourite salad restaurant Field & Social HALF a block from my office and I could not be more excited about it!


I did a week trial at Oxygen Yoga and loved it !! It pushed me so hard that I know I’ll always hav a great workout. I like that there are so many classes each day so there is always a time you’re able to make and its a commitment to yourself to get there! 

I am going to try to find a 10 class pass into my budget for the next month so I am able to go to the hot studio fitness classes. I love that they are more than just yoga classes too, so fun! As of now, I will continue to try for two days a week at the gym, and one day of hot yoga!

That’s all I can realistically fit into my lifestyle at the moment. But I am trying my best to make up for it by eating healthy and packing all my nutritious lunches!! 


Well here I am, still barely posting on the blog! I did manage to get like half content up and then just never post it so I guess that’s a little bit of an improvement…

One thing I am learning from my job is how to write email pitches so I know that will come in handy for myself trying to get ads and partnerships with brands that I am passionate about.

My goal this month is to create an email pitch template and send it out to 2 brands to see where it gets me. I know 2 is not alot but I barely have any time so cut me some slack!! I’m trying to be realistic and I can always go for more.

Thanks so much for reading and letting me catch you guys up on my life! It feels really crazy right now but I know it’ll all be worth it soon enough. Gotta grind now to relax later 🙂