Monthly Goals – October

So we are officially heading into the colder months of Vancouver, and I am thankful for coffee and SCARVES, but nervous because time is ticking by and I still don’t have my life together haha. I know that’s alot to ask of a 23-year-old but I can’t deny the pressure I have put on myself to succeed and move onto a new chapter of my life post-graduation. 

An overall personal goal for myself to make sure that these goals stay in motion: write daily lists for yourself to complete or else you become an unproductive mess lol 


My career thus far has stayed stagnant. I have put a goal in place to apply to atleast 2 jobs per week through indeed or linkedin, but nothing has been concrete so far. On a positive note, I am getting more comfortable with interviews through experience. I hope that I can give myself a small break and just appreciate all the things I’ve done so far and realize that I am in no rush to find out exactly what I want to do with my future yet. 

I am trying my best not to have blinders on and to not only strive for jobs in industries that I have already thought of, because to be honest, I don’t know exactly what I want yet. I need to TRY TRY TRY new things and then eventually I will find my passions.

The freelancing client that I mentioned in my last post has yet to get started because of external factors influencing our start times. I am still equally as enthused to start this project and get more experience under my belt!

I will be starting a new serving position in the next couple weeks at a new restaurant and I am excited to see how that goes. I have worked at the same restaurant for almost 4 years now and would like a change. Any type of change is nice, even if it isn’t getting me any closer to my career goals (yet).


– apply to 2 jobs per week, even if they aren’t my ideal job description
– reconnect with freelancing client and start project


I have planned my first ever photoshoot with someone other than my boyfriend lol. I am excited to see what two people who are both creative come up with! I will have to start planning some outfits for the shoot soon. 

I had a goal for last month to execute close-up photos rather than far away shots, which I am slowly getting more comfortable with. I need to become more independent on taking photos, and not rely so much on those close to me to take my photos, especially if I want them to be done a specific way.

I am very excited to see how my photoshoot comes out, and potentially want to buy a tripod to start taking my own photos… We will see!


– plan outfits for photoshoot
– buy tripod 


A couple days ago I bought my plane ticket to Costa Rica! WOOHOOO! That’s exciting and all but now I have to save up as much money as I can to pay off my tickets, and the rest of the trip. Plane tickets at Christmas time are DAMN expensive!

My goal for this month is to create a budget for my trip, how much I need to save, and how much I will be approximately spending on the trip.

Hopefully, with my double income for the rest of the year, I will be able to save more than anticipated and can afford all my trips without any worry and frugality.


– create budget for Costa Rica and spending up until Dec.


As I mentioned in my previous category, I will be going to Costa Rica in the end of December for 2 weeks! It’ll be my first Christmas and/or New Years trip away from Vancouver, but I am equally excited to spend these festive holidays on the beach in the blazing heat with my loved ones!

As for the month of October, I have a small trip planned with Daniel to go to Whistler for our two-year anniversary AWE. We have an impressive executive king suite at the Summit Lodge Hotel, and plan on spending one of the days in the world-renowned Scandinave Spa. My boyfriend and I both live at home, so we are always excited to get away and have some alone time together. 

Stay tuned for my review of the spa!


YAY in the last month I have read more books than I had in the whole summer. I love reading, and have definitely found it alot more rewarding than binge-watching tv all night! I am always looking for recommendations on some books! Fiction is my fave please 🙂

I have finished my all-time fave series: Scandal. Onto the next: Ozark


Now that I have a little bit more time on my hands, I have been consistently working out 4-5 days a week for the last month or so. I am feeling great, more confident in my body and strength. 

I have really been enjoying circuit workouts or super-setting all of my movements. Shoulder workouts are my current favourites. 

My eating habits have always been my biggest struggle, I love food and sweets! I don’t feel like it is hindering my progress, but I do feel that if I were to be more disciplined and meal-prep more of my meals, then I would have a leaner physique. I have been working on buying whole foods and cooking those to fuel my body rather than always eating out, or eating what my parents make because it is convenient.  

Stilllllll trying to reach that company about their kickboxing classes! My friend reached out and shared her interest in attending the kickboxing classes with me, so hopefully that is something we can join in the upcoming month.


– continue working out 4-5 times a week
– meal prep more food instead of eating out
– sign up for the damn kickboxing 


The only posts on my blog that I have been keeping up with consistently have been my monthly goals posts! I need to make it a priority for myself to do some research and find topics that I love talking about as much as myself hahahah 😉

I would like to ideally be posting once a week or at least realistically once every two weeks. I will create a new weekly post schedule for myself for the next 6 months once I have done some research on what I want to talk about.

As for my Instagram, this summer was amazing and I was able to get lots of shots that fit with my theme on Instagram, everything was good. Until the last month, I have been struggling with firstly, getting shots that I like and that are versatile, while sticking to my creative goals of not having all the pictures look the same. And secondly, editing the photos to maintain great quality, while still fitting my colour scheme on my Insta.

I may have to create a new preset for my photos going into fall and winter! CHANGE IS GOOD! 


– do research and create list of blog post ideas
– manage a weekly post schedule for the rest of 2018
– make a new preset for fall photos

Thank you so much for reading! I love staying accountable and able to share whats on my mind with you guys!