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Sydney in a Glimpse

I’ve had the pleasure of living abroad in Sydney for the last 9 months and fell in love with this vibrant city. There is so much diversity within 50km of Sydney and I think that’s one of the reason’s I love it so much. Since most people won’t get the opportunity to actually live here for an extended period, I’d like to show you my favourite spots from a ‘locals’ perspective.

Sydney Suburbs

Sydney is broken up into many small suburbs that each have their own culture and purpose, whether that is shops, restaurants, beaches, or nature. Here’s a list of my noteworthy suburbs to check out in your time in Sydney and what they are known for.


Bondi is one of the first places a tourist goes, it has an amazing wide beach, where you can watch surfers or do a 2.5km coastal walk, shops along the coast, delicious restaurants, and a huge Westfield shopping center at the Junction.


The trendy location that is inclusive for everyone. If there’s any type of food you’re craving, you can find it in Newtown. Unique, vintage shops can be found all the way along King St.


Think beach & upper-class boutiques. This is the start of the Northern Beaches of Sydney. You can take a beautiful ferry ride from this wharf into the CBD.

Circular Quay

The heart of the city, basically where the Opera House meets the Harbour Bridge. There is an old part of the city called the Rocks, where cobblestone and history are vast. Many places to shop, eat or find tours for adventuring.

Watsons Bay

Watson’s Bay is a unique point on the corner of Australia’s coast that hosts beautiful widespread coastal views and vast cliffs. This is one of the more wealthy parts of Sydney – the houses and views can prove it. I’d recommend spending the day exploring the parks and lighthouse, and then head over to Milk Beach for the sunset and wine.

Food & Drink Options For Different Moods

Touristy – The Squire’s Landing

This restaurant/brewhouse is all about location! You can have sweepings views of Sydney’s harbour while you’re eating and sipping on craft beers. It’s in a historical part of the city called The Rocks. Noteworthy dishes: mushroom and truffle arancini balls, and moroccan salad with haloumi.

Bougee – Society

If you’re looking for a bougee restaurant near the beach, look no further! This Italian restaurant will tick all the boxes with an exquisite wine list that will pair with their wood fire pizzas and truffle pasta. After dinner, it’s just a quick step to the beach to walk off the food coma. Noteworthy dishes: truffle gnocchi, diavola pizza, and magic funghi pizza. *chefs kiss*

Sweet Snack – No Fail

As you’re walking through the city exploring all the cool places I’ve mentioned, I highly recommend grabbing some bubble tea to enjoy on your way. They have such an assortment and you can even buy a JUMBO size. Noteworthy items: passionfruit green tea with coconut jelly and creme brulee milk tea with pearls.

Wild Night – Argyle

This is the spot you’re wanting to hit up for a night of drinks and fun. They have a great happy hour and actually give away free appetizers during this time period. I can remember countless times going to the bar and coming back with a tray full of drinks. I hope that explains the vibe haha.

Authentic & Cheap – Tre Viet

This was a local favourite for me, being only a 2-minute walk from my house in Newtown. I frequented this spot weekly and it quickly became the go-to. All the ingredients are super fresh and it’s a small local business! Noteworthy dishes: Bonfire Beef Rice Paper Rolls – roll your own, Salt and Pepper Squid, and Vermicelli Beef Salad

Eat Until You’re Stuffed – Spanish Tapas

The restaurant name is very self-explanatory: tapas. There are combo menus you can get which include 8 tapas and all-you-can-drink red sangria for $60 AUD. There’s live music every Saturday. I never left this restaurant hungry, you mostly had to roll me out. EVERYTHING on this menu is note-worthy.

Sydney is one of my favourite cities in the world and I will surely be back to visit. Making this list is nostalgic and I really hope when you visit Sydney you check out some of these places. This only scratches the surface on some of my favorite places so there might be a second post coming.

Leave a comment below of other activities you enjoy doing in new cities you visit or places you love in Sydney ♡