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Brunch at Buddha-Full

Today was one of my best friends Chloe’s birthday. We both live pretty busy lives so it’s great when we get a chance to spend time together. We managed to make some brunch plans amidst the craziness of our work schedules. We love trying new foods and places, and I had heard some good things about Buddha-Full, so we decided to check it out.

The location of the cafe is in a new residential area of North Vancouver, giving it a modern hipster-ish feel. What originally drew me to the cafe was the cute decor. They have a wall of succulents and swings for chairs. It is a vegan restaurant which intimidated me off the bat since I do not usually eat vegan, and love milk in my coffee. But to my surprise, the food was all delicious and nothing out of the ordinary. Turns out I don’t mind almond milk in my lattes either. It was my first time trying açai bowls and I’m definitely going to start making them at home more often.


I had the berry bliss bowl which was comprised of crisp apple slices, crunchy coconut flakes, hemp seeds, a berry smoothie mixture topped with sweet banana slices, goji berries and chia seeds. It wasn’t too sweet which I loved, and had the most amazing granola to top it off. We also shared some avocado toast which is always one of my faves. We left feeling so stuffed.

This was one of the first cafe’s I have visited this new year, and it has inspired me to continue to explore the hidden gems we have here in Vancouver. Vancouver is known for its delicious food and array of cuisine choices, so I would love to take advantage of that in the upcoming year to share with you guys.