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Goals for 2018

Welcome to Lafleur Lifestyle, this is my new blog that I have created and I would love to share as much of myself as I can while being as authentic as I can. 2018 for me is going to be an exciting year with many new beginnings, and some old endings. This kind of scares me to be honest, I am going to be graduating university and stepping out into the world for the first time, so I’ve decided to create some impactful goals for the upcoming year. I like the term goals over resolutions because I want them to be long lasting and things I can fully achieve.

Each year I try to evaluate my life where it is, and where I’d like to see myself in the next year. For 2018, my first and most important goal will be to save as much money as I can for a huge decision I’ve committed to in the following year that I have just recently confirmed! I am very excited to announce that my boyfriend and I will be moving to Australia in the early months of 2019. So until then, I must save money and prepare for this drastic life change. I’m not sure if I mentioned but I AM BEYOND EXCITED ALREADY!

Secondly, since I will be graduating, I would love to get my foot in the door into the PR world. In the last week, I have applied to take on a volunteer position for the Online Learning Center at SFU to write pieces for their blog. It’ll be a nice change from this blog because this is purely personal. There, I can write pieces that can be useful or interesting to a larger audience. I hope for both of these projects I have taken on, that they will benefit me in the future with having some experience writing for an audience, as well as public writing samples. University has too many written assignments that disappear after they are completed.

I have always lived an active lifestyle growing up, so I love to continue that throughout my adult life. But, I struggle with eating healthy sometimes and I’d love to be motivated and keep myself accountable for my goals. Sweets are some of my favourite things to eat, but I’m always looking for that balance. My sister helps me stay on track with my eating habits because we enjoy meal prepping and cooking together. I have been trying new healthy recipes from Pinterest that I’d love to share with you guys. I’m not one to cut out all unhealthy food from my diet because cinnamon buns and garlic bread are just way too delicious but I’m trying for an 80/20 rule. Eighty percent of the food I consume each day should be healthy, and twenty percent can be pure pleasure.

For the last two years, I have been a member of a gym close to my house. I love going to the gym and lifting weights and seeing how strong I can become. Sometimes its hard with school and work to fit in all the workouts in every week that I’d like. I have been fairly consistent with my workouts but I am looking to push myself harder and farther. I know it is more realistic to expect myself to gym 4 times a week now that I only have 3 classes left until I graduate in June. Working only full-time when I graduate will give me more time to incorporate fitness into my schedule.

Lastly, traveling is one of my greatest passions. I will always make time and save money for traveling and adventuring with my favourite people. For the upcoming year, I have 3 trips in mind so far. I am planning a trip to LA with my boyfriend, Daniel. We plan on going to the happiest place on earth °o°, as well as lounging the beaches and shopping obviously. Secondly, my cousin is getting married in the end of June so my family and I plan on taking a trip to Enderby, BC for the wedding, then heading over to Kelowna for Canada Day! The last trip I have planned is a two-week-long vacation to somewhere in the Caribbean with my family for Christmas and New Years! We haven’t made our minds up yet on where the location will be, so if anyone has any suggestions let me know! I plan on posting lots of my past and future travel adventures so stay tuned.

  1. Save money to move to Australia 2019
  2. Find an entry-level job in Communications/PR
  3. Make a conscious effort to eat healthier (80/20)
  4. Continue to workout 4 days a week
  5. Always travel



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