Graduation Lookbook

So I would like to start off saying that these last couple weeks have been hard for me to sit down and start writing again. I am not sure why I have felt like there has been less motivation for me and I have been finding more time for the gym or activities out in the sun. Regardless, that is no excuse and I need to begin making my posts more of a priority! Either way, it’s kinda nice to take a break from the logistics of things and just relax after all my hard work!

A week or so ago was my graduation! I have officially graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Communications and Media! I am very proud of myself that I was able to balance finishing my degree, staying active and fit, traveling the world, and maintaining either 1 heavy part-time job, or two jobs at the same damn time!!!! That is what I am the proudest of for myself. I have taught myself how to properly manage my time, money, and lifestyle to fit into the demanding needs of life!

I was fortunate enough to have many of my friends and family come out and attend my convocation at my school. My actual ceremony was very early in the morning, so that morning when I woke up, I spent most of my time getting ready, and forgot to eat. So by the time the ceremony has finished, you best believe I was a bit hangry haha. I was ready to go eat, but we had time to kill so we went up to one of the top levels of my school and took some beautiful photos with a nice backdrop!

I have already posted many photos onto my two Instagram accounts, but I will be releasing more photos here as well! We ended up taking 200+ photos, and I am so fortunate that so many of them turned out so beautifully.

*crying because I can’t upload pics*

Sighhh. I really want to get this post up for you guys but not all the photos are not cooperating! My friends Chloe and Tanwar took so many nice pictures but all the files are corrupted and won’t let me download them onto any of my devices. Plus clearly, I am technologically challenged and cannot figure out how to post photos from my google drive without turning it into a link… I guess just stay posted. OR check out my Instagram for some of the other photos I have posted from my grad! Sorry to say but for the time being I don’t think I will be able to upload. But I will keep trying ♡

I usually have pretty bad experiences buying clothes online because they don’t fit properly, or end up looking bad. But I am so madly inlove with the Aura dress that I found from Sunday’s the Label. It is a small Austrailian brand that I found and once I saw this dress I knew I couldn’t wear anything else! Shoes: Steve Madden

Next, we went to a nice restaurant on the top of the mountain called Horizons where I shared a salad and a coconut curry prawn entree. The food was delicious and I enjoyed having my loved ones toast to me over a bottle of my fave La Marca Prosecco! Although I definitely could have done without the full-size anchovy that ended up in my caesar salad.

After lunch, we took advantage of the beautiful scenery and weather and started on photoshoot #2. I fell in love with the sweetest little pup corgi named Bender! He was the center of attention and it was kinda nice to have a break from the spotlight for a second. I was quite exhausted from all the photos and festivities of the day, and it was only 3 pm.

We had made a new plan to go out after lunch but I wanted to go home and change into something a little comfier. When I got home I did not want to get out of bed, but I reluctantly did and had a good time seeing my friends. Overall it was a great day that I got to spend with everyone who cares about me and I wouldn’t have made it any other way!


What did you do after you graduate? Or what are your future plans once you finish your education? Give me ideas because I’m kinda lost!