ridge ft. My Personalized Music Mix

So I am super lucky and have a talented friend who is a DJ/Producer who enjoys making music on his free-time. He goes by the name ridge and I am super proud to present his most recent mix that he has curated and produced specifically for me:

Lafleur Mix

He went above and beyond what I expected, and I am very impressed with his work. 44 minutes of my favourite songs put together just for me, I feel so special! There is a blend of EDM music mixed with hip-hop to embody my two favourite genres. This playlist can be versatile in many settings, such as working out, commuting or hanging with friends – which are my top priorities. You can jump to any spot within the mix and appreciate his talents.

ridge is a Vancouver DJ who is currently pursuing music producing/djing as well as fulfilling his traveling plans. He thoroughly appreciates trap, house and bass genres first and foremost. When going out with friend’s he loves to be the life of the party and enjoys taking everyone’s experience to the next level by ALWAYS stealing the aux cord haha.

If you’d like to hear more of his music, he has a SoundCloud profile you can check out here

ridge’s SoundCloud