10 Places To Add To Your Travel Bucketlist

WANDERLUST “a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world”

I have been vacationing with my family since I was young, but ever since I took my first trip without them, I have had a burning desire to go and explore the world on my own terms! Although I went straight to university after high school, I want to encourage and remind students that you can travel too! I am fortunate enough to live at home, and not have to pay for living expenses so I use that to my full advantage. I took all my summer semesters off, to not only work 5-6 days a week and make bank but also to give myself a break and go travel.

Travelling has taught me so much about the world, that school doesn’t teach you. I long for the simpler days, where I worry about what I will eat next, and where I will go. I find that booking trips in advance really help me have something to look forward to. In the last few years, I have had the opportunity to travel outside of North America for the first time to the Dominican Republic, and since then, I’ve been to Australia’s East Coast, Cuba, 7 countries in Europe, all while finishing my degree!

Some trips I have planned in the next year are California, Costa Rica, and Australia. But I have many more beautiful countries on my mind that I’d love to visit. This list will be my top 10 wanderlust places to travel and why:

1. The Philippines

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The Philippines is on the top of my traveling list because of its lush tropical climate, with beautiful waterfalls and beaches. I can only imagine the rich culture and picturesque scenery that I could discover on this trip. This is an adventure I’d love to take while I’m still young. I already see myself climbing through caves and swimming in the waterfalls. The warm climate all year round sounds like a hot and sweaty dream that I am looking forward to having in the future.

2. Colombia

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My boyfriend is from Colombia and he just visited there this past February so I got a chance to see a sneak peek of some of the amazing beaches and culture hiding away in South America. The amazing vibrant architecture paired with the lush greenery make it second on my wanderlust list for traveling! Not only would I love to go and see the city that made my boyfriend, but to meet his family, and absorb the Colombian culture! I know there would be many adventures awaiting!

3. Greece

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I can see myself now: sitting up on top of a hill at an old quaint restaurant watching the sunset at golden hour sipping on some wine. Sounds like the most relaxing and peaceful trips. If you haven’t guessed it by now, beaches are some of my favourite places to travel and check out! There’s such a variety of small little islands on the coast of Greece that would be so fun to check out. Renting a car and driving from island to island sounds like a dream!

4. Japan

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To switch it up a bit, Toyko’s advanced modern cities are where I’d like to visit! I love the idea of standing in the middle of a busy street with everyone bustling around me! I’m sure I’d be able to find many little cute gifts and gadgets that haven’t made their way over to Canada yet! Farther outside the city, I’m imagining to be very zen. Pull up a book and just relax in the midst of nature and take time for yourself.

5. Italy

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Last year I discovered Almalfi Coast in Italy and fell in love. Besides all the more touristy parts which I will also be doing, the small towns are usually my favourites. This past summer I went to Europe and did a road trip through three countries, let me know if you’d like me to talk about those more in another post! But I found that the big cities were nice to see, but it was the small towns with the sweetest people and the more unique experiences. I would forsure be finding a winery, and getting drunk all day with the Italians!

6. Brazil

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I’m going to Costa Rica in December, and I’m expecting Brazil to be similar in climate and rainforest-ry as there. I’m looking forward to all the different interesting animals I will see and find. Brazil seems like a great place to adventure around, being one of the safest countries in South America! My Brazilian friend said they have amazing food and smoothie bowls, which I am super into! Yum yum. Eat my way across the world

7. Thailand

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Thailand is a trip I need to take while I’m still young. I know this trip will be filled with long nights of partying, waking up to beautiful beautiful beaches to do it all over again the next day. Thai food is one of my favourite types, and since our CAD$ would get me so far, I’m sure I’d be able to eat for less than $20 a day! The idea of a cheap trip is really enticing since I will be planning on moving out in the year. I will still need to be able to find trips to take to fulfill my wanderlust in the future.

8. Texas

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Texas hit my radar around a year ago for kind of random reasons. The winter is very warm in Texas which originally drew me in. The culture and people, although not too far away from Vancouver, seem vastly different, and something I’d like to experience at least once in my life. Get a little bit of Southern charm! They look like they have amazing shopping as well, and I can always use some more clothes! I would most likely like to take a road trip across Texas and maybe hit a few other states on the trip!

9. Bali

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Bali seems like the ultimate paradise in South-East Asia. The sheer amount of fruit and smoothie bowls I could eat while on my trip, sold me already. I would love to have a lavish trip and stay in some of the nicest hotels they offer, bathing in rose petal baths and rain showers on the beach. Hikes will be on no shortage in Bali and I cannot wait to explore the island and live like a princess!

10. Ireland

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Ireland has been crowned one of the most beautiful countries in the world. They have amazing views and scenery. The hikes that could be conquered in Ireland will surely be breathtaking and something I would have as a memory for the rest of my life. I have Irish roots so it would be cool to see where my extended family came from! The Irish are not some to be easy drinkers, so I’m sure there would be many parties awaiting!

Thanks, guys I hope you liked my list of places to travel in the next 10 years! There’s a mix of foreign and local places close to Vancouver (home). As well as beaches, city, and small towns! I have so many ideas on things to do on each of my adventures I couldn’t fit them all in! Comment below if you have any places high on your list and tell me why you think I should go there! These are by far not the only places I want to go, just in the top 10 as some inspiration for yourself to break away and see the world!