Spring Style Staples

Well, it seems like Spring has sprung in Vancouver, and I could not be more excited! I have noticed myself doing a bit more shopping coming into the Spring season, or reaching for different pieces of clothes. It’s warming up, so the parka’s and rainboots are going back in the closet. Here are some of my favourite Spring pieces this season!

White Shoes

white converse, white vans, white adidas, grass, spring

Come the new warm weather, you are finally able to wear shoes that won’t get wrecked everytime you leave the house. White shoes are my favourite way to tie together any outfit. Whether that’s a flowy dress, jeans or shorts, white shoes can always ensure to make you look fresh. My three faves that I’ve picked up in the couple months:

Patterned Tops

Normally I wear neutrals all the time, but this year I have been trying to be a bit more lively and vibrant. I am doing that in small increments so I’ve been starting with pattern tops. T-shirts, off the shoulder tops, or blouses all can work depending on your lifestyle. Florals and stripes are what I’ve been grabbing at most lately.

Ripped Jeans

I could swear by ripped jeans all year round, but they most definitely complement Spring’s warmer weather. Blue ripped jeans in all shades are my fave! The light colour on the rips adds more texture to your outfit. Check out American Eagle to find all my favourite styles!

Light Jackets

All and any light jackets are recommended for spring. Tailoring each outfit with a specific one completely changes the outfit. Over the years it’s nice to collect light jackets you can use for any occasion. I will link you below to some of my top websites that I go to to shop for these items. My top five picks would be:

These are my top picks for Spring 2018. What are yours? Tell me in the comments below 🙂