Monthly Goals – August + September

Seeing as how August is mostly over and I feel the creep up of September and the Fall season on the horizon, I have decided to combine my monthly goals for the two months. I came back less than a week ago from my amazing vacation that I have been talking about all summer and now have to get my graduated butt together for the upcoming months. Summer was all fun and games, but it’s time to get serious about some things and take some steps in the right direction.

Let’s just jump right in:


So I went to LA for two weeks and had created a budget for myself on my trip. I totally stuck to the budget and spent less than I intended so I am very excited about that! I would love to continue for the rest of the year saving atleast $200 each week from my tips to put into my savings.

I will be going on some travel adventures in the next 6 months and will need some capital to ease my mind moving forward. I will speak more in-depth about these adventures as the months go on. 


Play-time is over. I have recently graduated from university and I want to capitalize on my newness into the industry. I want to seem eager and enthused to be finding a new career! I have been looking into public relations, digital influencing, digital marketing and event planning. Those are all fields that I am very interested in pursuing. 

I don’t want to speak too freely of a project I have not yet started but shhhh. I am getting my first client for a freelancing social media marketing gig I am trying out for the first time in September. It is all a trial run but I am very excited to be flourishing my knowledge and teaching myself new things. 

I would love to be able to have a new or 2nd job for myself by the end of September. That is one measurable goal that I have tasked for myself. 


I have officially been a blogger for over 8 months and I am finally starting to get the hang of taking photos for my content. Including photos of myself. Putting some goals on myself moving forward, I would like to jump out of my comfort zone and take more challenging shots. I always take the same sort of shot: a mid-length photo of myself next to some sort of background.

Additionally, I will be trying out action shots, close-ups on my face, and new editing skills. I want to always be changing and learning in the digital sphere. 

I will be making more time to work with local artists that have reached out to me previously! I am very excited to see what all this means for my site 🙂



Sadly, I did not complete any of my summer reads that I anticipated reading. I always find myself binge-watching TV shows such as Scandal and Big Brother. Maybe in the future, I should create a list of my must-watches instead haha.

I do not have many leisurely goals for myself in the upcoming months. I want to be grinding grinding grinding!! On that note, I want to be waking up earlier than I have in the past little bit. I saw a piece of advice that I thought resonated really well with myself:

“wake up early and be productive, and if you really have to, nap later!”

WAKE UP EARLY PEOPLE. Productivity works best in the morning! Nothing feels better than reaching 1 pm and crushing all your to-do list for the day!


Health and fitness always have been priorities for my life. Whether that is finding time to gym, keeping active at work or on holidays, or eating every piece of vegetable I can get my hands on. I think I have a fun relationship with health and fitness. My boyfriend is great at motivating me to gym, and giving me a great workout buddy, but not so great at healthy eating haha! 

My goal for the next month and a half is to continue working out 3x per week and when the smoke in Vancouver clears up to do atleast one or two more hikes before Fall hits with the stormy weather!

As per usual, I have fallen off the wagon of the myfitnesspal app! I know it helps me so much to eat clean when I put in the time to input all of my foods so I need to invest time into that! I just need to be mindful of that little time that it takes, and follow -through!


As for my blog, I am always looking for new ideas to create content. I have been focusing alot more on my Instagram lately but I need to get back to writing. Writing is fun and therapeutic for me. I enjoy having a stream of consciousness for my readers out there!

I want to post more relevant content for you guys that you’re able to use in your day-to-day lives! I will be trying to work on my blog atleast 2days/week for 6 hours in total, however that may be. I need to make more time for my own self and future. 

I will also be working on creating a template to send out to companies so I am able to work with more brands in the upcoming months. I had my first ever campaign last month, and it has been an amazing experience doing things for my blog & brand that I could not have imagined happening when I started this whole thing. I already feel so blessed.

Thank you so much for reading my rambles! You know I always love hearing any feedback you have for me or any goals you’ve been crushing lately!

I am also looking for some new like-minded influencers to follow on Instagram so feel free to give me a follow on my account or leave your handle below and I will check you out 🙂